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  • The Antique Ginger Jar Collection: Inspired by History

      The Antique Ginger Jar Collection is an ode to the chinese potters from hundreds of years ago who produced these beautiful pieces. The term "Ging...
  • The Tobacco Leaf Collection: Inspired by Color

    The Tobacco Leaf Collection is inspired by the vibrant 20+ colors & hues on Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Porcelain. This extravagant design was originally made in China, probably for export to the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. Over time, it's become a staple in many elegant homes. 
  • The Wedgwood Blue Collection: Inspired by Elegance

    The Wedgwood Blue Collection is inspired by the works of Josiah Wedgwood, one of the leading English potters in the world. Wedgwood Jasperware, as...
  • Monkey Symbolism in Chinese Culture

    Ever wondered what the roll of monkeys is in Chinese history? Or about the symbolic role that monkeys play in Chinese culture? Check out this blog post on the background of monkeys in Chinoiserie decor!

  • The Antique Plates Collection: Inspired by History

    The Antiques Plates Collection is inspired by antique exported porcelain from China and England. These designs are an ode to the artistry displayed from potters across the world from hundreds of years ago. Learn more about the inspiration for each design in this post!