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Wedgewood Blue Art Print Collection

The Wedgwood Blue Collection is inspired by the works of Josiah Wedgwood, one of the leading English potters in the world. Wedgwood Jasperware, as shown in this collection, is a type of unglazed stoneware that was introduced by Josiah Wedgwood in 1775 and is still popular today. Introduced around 250 years ago, this neoclassical style has become a classic in many different homes. 

Wedgewood Blue Jasperware

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Many people refer to Jasperware as Wedgwood (the name of the company founded by Josiah Wedgwood). The more precise term for the neoclassical design with the matted finish is jasperware. It has become the signature of Wedgwood, where many refer to it as Wedgwood Jasperware. Wedgwood was founded in 1759 and over 250 years later it is still seen in many homes across the world.  Wedgwood is now owned in greatly diminished form by Fiskars, a Finnish conglomerate.

Wedgewood Jasperware Decor

Josiah Wedgwood's contribution to pottery and to English Fine China is incredible. In addition to his success with pottery, he was also a story of a triumph. As the youngest of 12 children, he was a talented potter until smallpox left him in a difficult predicament. After smallpox he was not able to operate the pottery wheel, which left him to find use of his artistic abilities. Instead of operating the wheel, he found a new way to add value through focusing on design & experimentation. His innovations over time led his factory by 1770 to becoming the most successful pottery in England. 

"From the second half of the 18th century, Britain was gripped by neoclassical fever. Excavations at Herculaneum and Pompeii had unearthed captivating treasures, and the architect Robert Adam was designing buildings influenced by ancient Greece and Rome. In Burslem, Josiah Wedgwood was similarly entranced and worked to refine his stoneware into something that might match the artefacts of the ancients. In 1774 he hit on the formula for a hard, finegrained stoneware that could be stained in a variety of colours. The clay was shaped into vases, urns, plaques and tableware, and decorated with applied figures and motifs, inspired by classical art. At the time, the most famous classical artefact was the cameo glass Portland Vase, made in the first century. Josiah worked for many years to replicate it, a feat he finally achieved in 1790."

This incredible story on how he transformed the pottery industry highlights the Jasperware unglazed stoneware he introduced. The name derives from the fact that it resembles the natural stone jasper in its hardness. 

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Wedgwood Jasperware has continued to inspire tablescapes in traditional homes while adding a classic touch to grandmillinneals homes everywhere! In addition to inspiring modern day home decor, Wedgwood Jasperware also inspired the hues of blue in a recent Netflix show! Believe it or not, the set of the Netflix Bridgerton show is based on Wedgwood ceramics!

According to Southern Living, "the series production designer Will Hughes-Jones explained to Town & Country, the Bridgerton blue is a very specific hue: Wedgwood Blue. The iconic Wedgwood Blue, which is synonymous with the English fine china, was especially popular during the period in which Bridgerton is set." 


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