The Antique Ginger Jar Collection: Inspired by History

 Ginger Jar Art Prints

The Antique Ginger Jar Collection is an ode to the chinese potters from hundreds of years ago who produced these beautiful pieces. The term "Ginger Jar" originates from ancient China when to transport spices, like Ginger, to different geographic areas they would put the ground spices into a jar like these. Over time, they have turned into a beloved piece of Chinese history and a decoration for traditional homes worldwide.




Qianlong Ginger Jar Design

 This magnificent ginger jar was made for the Qianlong Emperor (r. 1736-1795) and is a rare design. The Qianlong Emperor was famous for his fascination of porcelain creations that look like other materials. A great example of this is the colorful knotted cloth/scarf which is a decoration that appears on a variety of media made in imperial workshops of the Qianlong Emperor, such as porcelain, metal-bodied wares with painted enamels, cloisonné, glass and wood or lacquer.

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Blue and White Double Happiness Ginger Jar Design

Chinese blue and white porcelain designs were first developed during the Tang dynasty. Today, blue and white porcelain remains one of the most treasured types of chinoiserie & traditional home decor.

This ginger jar has broad shoulders and is painted with a gray, cobalt-based pigment that turns blue upon firing. With details of orchid blossoms, the classic double happiness symbol, and many swirling vines, this design is a classic! 

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