The Antique Plates Collection: Inspired by History

The Antiques Plates Collection is inspired by antique exported porcelain from China and England. These designs are an ode to the artistry displayed from potters across the world from hundreds of years ago. Learn more about the inspiration for each design below!


Rose Medallion Art Print

Famille Rose Medallion Art Print

The Famille Rose Medallion design was inspired by the infamous Famille Rose Chinese export porcelain produced in the 1800's. This style of Chinese porcelain was created to satisfy the demand for imported china in Europe and the United States. Rose Medallion over time has become an iconic collectors piece and drawn interest from collectors around the world over time looking for unique porcelain pieces from hundreds of years ago. 

Famille Rose 101: Famille Rose is French for "pink family" and there are many variations of Famille Rose including Rose Medallion, Rose Mandarin, and Rose Canton. Rose Canton has only birds and flowers with no people. Rose Medallion has sections with birds and flowers and with people. Rose Mandarin has only people with very little florals (usually around the middle that has the figural scene). 


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Rose Medallion Porcelain Plate  Rose Medallion Art Print

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Famille Verte Porcelain Art Print

Famille Verte Porcelain Art Print

This Famille Verte Porcelain design is inspired by antique Chinese Bok Choy plates with their beautiful hues of green. This design depicts Chinese cabbage leaves with white stems accented by a gold medallion in the middle. There are 8 butterflies that you commonly see on a variety of Famille Rose and Famille Verte porcelain styles. 

Fun Fact: There are 8 butterflies depicted in this design and 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. Butterflies also symbolize long life, beauty and elegance. 

Rarity: The most special thing about this design is that Chinese Bok Choy plates were rarely exported to the West. Rather, they were mainly created for the local market. So when you are given the opportunity to snag one at the flea market, do not hesitate! They normally go for an arm & a leg. 

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Famille Verte Bok Choy Plate

Famille Verte Bok Choy Plate Art Print

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Flow Blue Art Print

Flow Blue Dreams Art Print

Flow blue is a blue and white china pattern that is really unique because of the blurred effect added into the china pieces that's so unique. Some claim that the flowing or blurry look of the Flow Blue China was accidental, others claim that it was a deliberate technique. This blurred effect happens when lime or ammonia chloride is added to the kiln which causes blue pigment to blur.

Popularity: Over time, Flow Blue was very popular among wealthy collectors and among the middle class because it's price was lower making it affordable for them to buy china. It became popular in the United states after it became a export item to America. This popularity tapered off during World War I, but rose again recently as antique collectors rekindled their love for this beautiful porcelain design.

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Flow Blue Porcelain Chinese Plate  Flow Blue China Plate Art Print

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Tobacco Leaf Art Print

Tobacco Leaf Art Print

Inspired by the vibrant 20+ colors & hues on antique tobacco leaf designs that leave people daydreaming of tablescapes!

Fun Fact: Did you know in 2018 the Rockefeller’s set of Tobacco leaf porcelain (circa 1775) sold for 1.152 million dollars!? So if you ever stumble upon a set for a steal, grab it! 

Mini History of Tobacco Leaf Porcelain: Tobacco leaf was created in the 18th century & began as an export to Portugal/Brazil from China. During this time, it was one of the most highly prized patterns. With intricate detailing, a small phoenix bird perches on the leaves of the flowering Nicotiana (Tobacco) plant. This Nicotiana plant was also thought to be inspired not only by the tobacco leaf but also by Indian textiles in the 17th/18th century which had damask patterns/features similar to the lobed leaves and hibiscus style flowers!

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 Tobacco Leaf Plate Tobacco Leaf Porcelain Art Print

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Famille Rose Sectional Art Print

Inspired by a vibrant sectional famille rose platter from the early 1800s, this famille rose sectional art print is sure to brighten your home! 

Famille Rose Variations: Although Famille Rose is a well-known style of chinese export porcelain, many do not know the differences between the types of Rose designs. 

  • Rose Medallion: Both People + Birds/Plants
  • Rose Canton: Birds + Plants + Flowers Only
  • Rose Mandarin: People + Figural Scenes Only


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 Famille Rose Sectional Platter Famille Rose Sectional Plate Design

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