The Tobacco Leaf Collection: Inspired by Color

Tobacco Leaf Collection

The Tobacco Leaf Collection is inspired by the vibrant 20+ colors & hues on Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Porcelain. The Tobacco Leaf Plate design is also included in the antique plate collection. 

As Mottahedeh states on their site, this "extravagant design was originally made in China, probably for export to the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. A small phoenix bird perches on the leaves of the flowering Nicotiana (Tobacco) plant. Twenty-seven colors and 22k gold make up this pattern based on an original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This pattern, one of the longest running patterns by Mottahedeh, continues its strong popularity today, showing that good design is timeless" 

The iconic Nicotiana plant that sits at the center of any tobacco leaf design was also thought to be inspired not only by the tobacco leaf, but also by Indian textiles in the 17th/18th century which had damask patterns/features similar to the lobed leaves and hibiscus style flowers!

Over time this design & pattern has grown in popularity due to the colorful & intricate design. Did you know in 2018 the Rockefeller’s set of Tobacco leaf porcelain (circa 1775) sold for 1.152 million dollars!? So if you ever stumble upon a set for a steal, grab it! 

Tobacco Leaf Ginger Jar Art Print

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 Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Ginger Jar Tobacco Leaf Ginger Jar Art Print

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Tobacco Leaf Plate Art Print

Inspiration PBK Design
 Tobacco Leaf Plate Tobacco Leaf Porcelain Art Print

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The Tobacco Leaf Collection

Tobacco Leaf Design Products



Additional Tobacco Leaf Inspiration

Tobacco Leaf Table Lamps
These beautiful table lamps are perfectly arranged together in this photo from Dimples and Tangles
Tobacco Leaf Ginger Jar
This amazing ginger jar was sold by Lilian Greys Vintage Home on Instagram 
Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Porcelain
Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Porcelain 


 Tobacco leaf

 This Beautiful Tablescape by Kimberly Whitman



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